Learn. Reflect. Create. Grow.

Hi, I am Benjamin Mateev,

I am a Berliner. Born in Sofia, Bulgaria, I grew up on the east side of Berlin. I love technology. I love to learn new things. And I have combined the two by working as an engineer and product manager for almost 20 years now.

Over the last decade, I studied Computer Science. I added some economics, philosophy and psychology in the mix. Since then I worked in various startups. I founded a rapid-prototyping agency in Berlin. Most recently I was a lead engineer at Wunderlist. A Berlin-born, design-lead to-do list application that Microsoft acquired in 2015. In my last position at Microsoft, I was a Product Lead for digital memory and to-do experiences. Together with the team we created and execute a company-wide tasks strategy.

Throughout my career, I have seen companies succeed and fail. I have managed teams, small and big, worked as a freelancer, as an employee in startups and corporates. I have worked across different time zones, continents and with many different cultures.

Learning from people is at the core of everything I do. Helping them achieve their highest potential. To do that, we have to develop a high level of empathy and candor. Meeting and interacting with new people from different cultures is one way to learn. I have joined global networks such as Startingbloc, the Reality Experience, Sandbox. These communities unite people with common interests. Once connected they get exposed new experiences together to learn more.

My essential fascination always returns to our endless potential for growth, kindness, empathy. Growth in every aspect of lives makes us better human beings. For ourselves, the people around us and the world.

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