Choose Happiness

One of the most important learning in the the past for me, was that being happy is an active decision, not something that comes by itself or magic.

Being happy is an active decision. You can be happy in bad life situations, you can be sad in good situations. That is something you decide for yourself. The usual saying goes:

Happy people are not happy because they have more but because they are happy with what they have.

Of course there are situations where it is hard to be happy and there are extremes where this does not apply but for the general population, that often feels depressed, lonely and unhappy it is important to reliase that this is your life. It doesn’t matter whether you have millions on your bank account or live month to month. You can find happyness in every life situation and if you actively decide to be happy you will be happy. You form your reality in your own mind.

Written on April 10, 2015