Socially Distracted

A very good friend of mine always calls me digitally distracted, its basically the next evolutionary strep from a digital native. You don’t interact much with your current situation and surroinding but look at your phone while talking with others or listening to them.

While this is true for me sometimes, especially if I am tired I realized this weekend that there is something much worse I tend to do that takes up much more of my time, more than that, feels like I am loosing time.

There are periods of time during the year, where I tend to go out more than usual. Drink more than usual, meet up with people for dinner, drinks, parties. Everything that is regarded as social, fun, interesting. In small portions it is healthy and being social is important to be a part of society. It becomes bad if you, at one point during this time, realize that it is a big distraction. That moment came to me this weekend. I thought to myself, in the last two weeks, I did not have time to myself to form a single authentic thought because I was always busy interacting with people.

The same way you need to schedule time for socializing, for friends, your relationship, the family and new encounters that might contribute in fantastic ways to your life, the same you need to schedule alone time, meditation time and creation time. If you are constantly out and about meeting new people you will never be able to form your own life, create something you can be proud of or just get your creative energy out of you.

The next days, weeks, I will pull out myself from parties, dinners, etc as much as possible and focus on me again. If you feel restless while out having drinks with friends, try it. Say no to going out tonight or tomorrow and stay home to figure out what you wanna do next.

Written on April 20, 2015