Learn. Reflect. Create. Grow.

Hi, I am Benjamin Mateev,

I am Berliner. Born in Sofia, Bulgaria, I grew up on east side of Berlin. I love technology, I love to learn new things and I have combined the two by working as an engineer and product manager for almost 20 years now.

Over the last decade, I studied Computer Science with some economics, philosphy and psyhocology. I have worked in various startups, founded an agency and was a lead engineer at Wunderlist, a Berlin-born, design-lead to-do list application, that was sold to Microsoft in 2015. Now I am a Product Mananger for digital memory and task management experiences across the Office and Windows ecosystems where I have created and am executing against a company wide strategy around task management based on our work with Wunderlist. s Througout my career I have seen companies succeed and fail, I have managed teams, small and big, worked as a freelancer, as an employee in startups and corporates, across different time zones and continents and with many different cultures.

Learning is at the core of everything I do. New experiences and growing through them and through the people I meet, I have joined networks such as *Startingbloc, the Reality Experience, EYES and others to meet people and grow from each interaction. Globally connected communities, that bring people together and expose them to new experiences, giving them an opportunity to grow is truly magnificent.

The most important thing I have witnessed and learned through all my interactions and the one that fascinates me the most, is how big our potential for growth, kidness, empathy, and love is if we take the chance to develop them.

©2018 Benjamin Mateev